#7 Dead Realm, Counter Strike:Global Offensive & Dead Space

Aug 13, 201573 minutes

This week we talk about Dead Realm, Counter Strike-Global Offensive & Dead Space. Also we have a FREE Steam skin to giveaway to all viewers and podcast listener's. We are looking for community members interested in playing Empyrion and Counter Strike to get into games with us for next weeks podcast. If you would like a Steam skin just e-mail me with the two pictures that you would like incorporated and ill get that custom made for you. Tune in for all we have been up to this week and find out how to get into our gaming community!! Links are below for all we have talked about this episode!!

[Windows 10 Tips by Maximum PC](mailto:E-Mail = ExtremePCUK@gmail.com)

E-Mail = ExtremePCUK@gmail.com

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